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Using the HTML em and strong elements

Mike Cherim has a great back-to-basics article on the use of em and strong. Oh yes, you do need to read it. Did you know that two popular screen readers, namely JAWS and Window Eyes, offer no support for these … Continue reading

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The trouble with ACCESSKEY

Last night I delivered a short presentation on the use of access keys to Refresh Cambridge that generated some good discussion – this is one of the reasons for the group so thank you. Not trusting the trains with even a hint of bad weather I had to make my excuses half-way through Matthew’s presentation to ensure I got back to Ipswich OK so I missed the chance for a swift pint and chat with everyone – I will do better next time because it’s a long way to go for such a short time and I’m sure you think me mad to do it anyway. You can view my presentation online and if you do wish to print it (or view source), you’ll find some extra links too. Continue reading

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Accessible Form Guidelines

Great timing with the discovery of this article via the Accessify forums. I’m currently working on a proposal for a web development strategy that will, amongst other things, include identifying best practices for creating forms. So without further ado, the … Continue reading

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