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Jim Bendtsen is an idiot

I’ve just finished reading Evan Schuman’s article over at e-week entitled “On Handicapped Access, Target Fights the Wrong Fight for the Wrong Reason” and noticed the troll in the article’s “talkback” feature (comments) stating “Evan Schuman, you’re an idiot.” Continue reading

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Legal Precedent Set for Web Accessibility

Some news on the accessibility lawsuit via Yahoo! Finance yesterday. Federal District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel has sustained the discrimination claims against Target and sets the precedent that retailers must make their websites accessible to the blind under the American Disability Act (ADA). Continue reading

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Beginning CSS Web Development

Foreword of the Year, 2006 goes to Andy Clarke for getting Logan’s Run and Battlestar Galactica into a book on Cascading Style Sheets. But rather than take a walk down memory lane with Maya I suppose I should start a review of Simon Collison’s “Beginning CSS Web Development” book. Continue reading

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