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Developing Microsoft CMS Solutions

Last week I attended a 4-day, on-site course for developing Microsoft Content Management System (CMS) solutions. Which was nice (to quote from The Fast Show). With no previous asp.NET skills it was quite a challenge developing server and placeholder controls … Continue reading

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Oh well, despite my initial optimism that Visual Studio 2005 would indicate that Microsoft “get” web standards it would seem that the product only supports three DOCTYPES (DTD), namely legacy (i.e. the same crap that’s output now), XHTML 1.0 Transitional and XHTML 1.1. Continue reading

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Tips for improved accessibility in ASP.NET 1.1

The web application development strategy here at work is based on asp.NET. These tips for improved accessibility in ASP.NET 1.1 will hopefully be of use to all asp.NET programmers having to do their best with providing some level of accessibility.

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