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My CSS Framework

I’m in the situation of working with a Microsoft Content Management System (CMS) that for not unsurmountable reasons is configured to use a single style sheet. On the last project—a major intranet development—I also spent longer than I felt I needed to in implementing a three-column fluid layout where the two outer columns where of fixed width. I already employ good Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) management practises—separate CSS files for colour, fonts and layout but I promised myself to ease the pain and quicken development still further by developing my own CSS framework. Continue reading

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Petition for UK Government web accessibility

Ian Fenn has created a petition on the Prime Minister’s website today.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure that any website launched by the government complies with accessibility standards (WCAG AA at least).

Despite government guidelines to the contrary you would be surprised at just how many government websites don’t come up to scratch. Employing a “Bobby” web developer (formerly known as a “snakeoil salesman”) doesn’t help either. If you’re a British citizen, you can sign the petition. Continue reading

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Microsoft unleashes improved Firefox

Blimey! Did I fall asleep and not read about this development? or was this a well-kept secret? Microsoft unleashes improved Firefox | The Register.

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