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August Pulse

Pulse. A commentary on the web development resources I saved to this month. I read a lot more than this! Continue reading

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Links for 2007-08-17

OJR’s “five guide” to do-it-yourself website usability testing
Online Journalism Reviews offers steps and forms to test how readers will react to a new multimedia project or website design.
Video: Wikis in Plain English | Common Craft
We made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe.
Video: RSS in Plain English | Common Craft
We made this video for our friends (and yours) that haven’t yet felt the power of our friend the RSS reader… if you know someone who would love RSS and hasn’t yet tried it, point them here for 3.5 minutes of RSS in Plain English.
Line short numerical and mathematical expressions with hard spaces
From The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web. Use a non-breaking space to maintain association between number-word pairings like dimensions or chapter numbers. A regular expression in the CMS could effect this automatically.

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