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Pixel to em calculator

Piotr ‘Riddle’ Petrus has released a simple JavaScript form to help calculate the em equivalent of a pixel size you want to emulate. I wrote a quick-and-dirty version of this in Excel to help with the typographic rhythm of my CSS framework but this is much nicer. You can add nodes below the body tag – h1, h2, h3 for example – set the pixel size you would like these to appear as and it automagically calculates the em value. Continue reading

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Web Standards and Small Businesses

Andy Higgs was somehow tempted to switch his final year dissertation from essentially “Why don’t grannies like using mobile phones?” to “An enquiry into the acceptance of accessible web content and web design standards by UK small businesses.” With only … Continue reading

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Amatica Update

In my blog entry entitled “Practice What You Offer” back on 1st December 2005, I posted about one of the advertisers within a monthly SiteMorse report who: “…delivers some of the best performing and most accessible websites; you’ll find our specialist expertise invaluable in helping you improve the quality of your online service delivery…”

Yet had an appalling 1996-era frameset-based website themselves. Continue reading

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