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From the Top: The Meta Element

The meta element provides web document authors the ability to provide information about the document rather than the content itself. In the sixth article in my series “From the Top”, I continue to explore what we may wish to include between the head tags. This article is not a discussion on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques although the guidelines offered may help (and ethically so) in that regard. Continue reading

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PAS 78: UK Accessibility Milestone

Yesterday, 8 March saw the launch of the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 78 from the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) in collaboration with the British Standards Institute (BSI). This PAS outlines good practice in commissioning websites that are accessible to and usable by disabled people. Continue reading

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Blog Design Solutions Book Review

This book starts with the basics and explains just what a blog is, the associated terminology and other technologies that you can use to create a blog to be proud of. The second chapter talks about setting up a local test environment with PHP, mySQL and Apache for Windows and Mac users and finishes with setting up your blog database with phpMyAdmin. Now, if this level of technology use gives you the heeby-jeebies – then fear not. It is so well written, with plenty of screenshots you will finish chapter 2 with a big grin and a muttered “that wasn’t bad at all”. Continue reading

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