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Transcending CSS

Anyone who has ever seen Andy present will probably have already bought this book, so this review is for everyone else. The book is inspirational. Just like the stage show. Last year we were treated to some great CSS books for beginners and it was cool to finish the year off with a book for the rest of us. Not to say this book isn’t for beginners but it’s emphasis is more on getting out of the inevitable comfort zones we settle into as CSS developers rather than covering the basics of syntax and how to make an unordered list go across the page. Continue reading

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WSG London, Accessibility

The third London event for the Web Standards Group popped up on my radar yesterday so I wasted no time in booking a place and a return rail ticket. Speaking at the event will be Ann McKeekin from the Royal National Insititute for the Blind (RNIB), Mike Davies from Yahoo! Europe and a new name to me Niqui Merret a Flash developer, instructor and consultant. Flash has a bad rap for accessibility but I think this is more to do with people not using the technology properly – just like with HTML – so I’m looking forward to hear Niqui’s talk. Hope to see some of you there. Continue reading

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The trouble with ACCESSKEY

Last night I delivered a short presentation on the use of access keys to Refresh Cambridge that generated some good discussion – this is one of the reasons for the group so thank you. Not trusting the trains with even a hint of bad weather I had to make my excuses half-way through Matthew’s presentation to ensure I got back to Ipswich OK so I missed the chance for a swift pint and chat with everyone – I will do better next time because it’s a long way to go for such a short time and I’m sure you think me mad to do it anyway. You can view my presentation online and if you do wish to print it (or view source), you’ll find some extra links too. Continue reading

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