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Now in business

To be more accurate, I’ve been in business for myself since February 2010 but if you read my previous post you’ll perhaps understand why I haven’t done much about it until now. In my delirium, I chose to operate as a sole trader (almost spelt that wrong) under the name Single Cell Design. Continue reading

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Don’t fear the reaper

Blimey it’s been nearly a year since my last blog post, I guess I should explain myself before I jump straight in and make almost back-to-back posts about the @media 2010 conference. Friends may recall I finally tied the knot with Jane in February 2009 but unless you caught my disjointed updates on Twitter or Facebook (or indeed work with me) it occurred to me this week at the conference that not everyone from my professional circle of friends knew that I almost made a widow of Jane last November. Continue reading

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Looking forward

So here’s the customary end-of-year blog post. I’ve titled it looking forward because I want to forget 2008. No need to go into details about my current job, especially now our managers have the appalling results of the employee survey … Continue reading

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