Now in business

To be more accurate, I’ve been in business for myself since February 2010 but if you read my previous post you’ll perhaps understand why I haven’t done much about it until now. In my delirium, I chose to operate as a sole trader (almost spelt that wrong) under the name Single Cell Design. The tax man is happy with that at least and it allows me to support my first client, the Museum of East Anglian Life.

I could have re-aligned That Standards Guy, my established online persona since 2005, but I just felt like getting away from it and despite the “credibility building” about page, becoming more anonymous as a person and concentrating on the services on offer. It also gives me a basis for expanding to an LLC (with or without partners) and exploring other, more entrepreneurial, activities on the web.

To that end, I worked hard on coming up with really tight, almost punchy copy. I also changed Twitter ID to @singlecelldsgn and adopted Tumblr as my micro-blogging solution – this may change when WordPress 3.0 (and its custom post types) is released.

In Iteration 1 of this new business I’m really looking to establish a portfolio by helping friends and fellow designers and developers with backlog (I still know people “suffering” with too much work despite the so-called recession) and the “boring stuff” of taking a graphic design to accessible, front-end code integrated into WordPress. Hit me up if you think I can help or value-add with my services.

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