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Transcending CSS

Anyone who has ever seen Andy present will probably have already bought this book, so this review is for everyone else. The book is inspirational. Just like the stage show. Last year we were treated to some great CSS books for beginners and it was cool to finish the year off with a book for the rest of us. Not to say this book isn’t for beginners but it’s emphasis is more on getting out of the inevitable comfort zones we settle into as CSS developers rather than covering the basics of syntax and how to make an unordered list go across the page. Continue reading

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Beginning CSS Web Development

Foreword of the Year, 2006 goes to Andy Clarke for getting Logan’s Run and Battlestar Galactica into a book on Cascading Style Sheets. But rather than take a walk down memory lane with Maya I suppose I should start a review of Simon Collison’s “Beginning CSS Web Development” book. Continue reading

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Blog Design Solutions Book Review

This book starts with the basics and explains just what a blog is, the associated terminology and other technologies that you can use to create a blog to be proud of. The second chapter talks about setting up a local test environment with PHP, mySQL and Apache for Windows and Mac users and finishes with setting up your blog database with phpMyAdmin. Now, if this level of technology use gives you the heeby-jeebies – then fear not. It is so well written, with plenty of screenshots you will finish chapter 2 with a big grin and a muttered “that wasn’t bad at all”. Continue reading

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