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Z-index: sandwich filler

Working with z-index can be a little counter-intuitive at times.

With my redesign I wanted to place a “polaroid” style photo of myself behind the “about” section but in front of the main content and header. If I hadn’t used such large text and a coloured background perhaps I wouldn’t even have noticed what was happening. Continue reading

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WCAG 2.0 and the visual design

Earlier today I found myself writing visual design requirements for a new website design that must have a very high standard of web accessibility. As it won’t be me working on the visuals—and by that I mean the Photoshop / Fireworks stage—I felt the need to be very explicit and turned to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to help. Continue reading

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HTML 5 and the Now

Like a lot of people with websites to build now, I admit to being a little disinterested in HTML 5. Maybe because it’s the New Year there’s been an extra flurry of activity—certainly true for Bruce Lawson—around this upcoming standard. Bruce’s efforts with HTML 5 and WAI-ARIA are what finally inspired me to give it a go. Check out more HTML 5 links on my delicious account. Continue reading

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