Looking forward

So here’s the customary end-of-year blog post. I’ve titled it looking forward because I want to forget 2008. No need to go into details about my current job, especially now our managers have the appalling results of the employee survey in their hands.

Despite it all though I have been able to mostly keep their hands off and produce some decent work. I’m currently working on two very large projects—one at the requirements stage and another at the system integration stage and I have another two that are close to release. Just before Christmas I released my redesign for the Museum of East Anglian Life website using WordPress with Google Maps, Facebook, Flickr and Upcoming integration. A lot of work and as ever with me, lessons learned. I’m always looking to improve.

My delicious bookmarks are now bursting with over 1200 links now and at some point early last year I started to categorise them according to design principle for example interface-design, navigation-design and interaction-design. I suspect that a lot of people keep tabs on my bookmarks so I hope they continue to be of interest to everyone.

So. Next year. Well, I will finish a redesign and realign of this website. As you may know I want to emigrate to Vancouver but I need a job first so I will be making a concerted effort to demonstrate my knowledge, experience, attention to detail and the unquenching thirst for more. My current employer may not give a damn, but I hope to leave visitors with no doubt that I know my core skills inside out and am worth employing from half a world away.

Another New Year’s resolution—skilling up on the stuff I don’t do, namely Apache, MySQL, PHP and Ruby on Rails. Programming. Yikes!

Oh, almost forgot. I get married in February and will honeymoon in Vancouver. Surely something to look forward too, yes?

All the very best to you and yours for 2009.

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4 Responses to Looking forward

  1. Blair Millen says:

    With sites like “Museum of East Anglian Life” in your portfolio, it’s just a matter of time before you land a good web designer post.

    Happy New Year to you Karl, things will get better :-)

  2. Gray says:

    My family emigrated from the UK to Vancouver in the early 80′s (though I’m the first born here). It’s an amazing city for sure, nothing beats it in the Summer time.

    My sister and her fiance have also just decided to make the move from London and call Vancouver their home. Since then, many of their friends have done the same (one couple did it having only visited the city for a couple days!), so I’m sure you wont’ feel out of place.

  3. Dan says:

    Happy new year Karl, looks like a good plan for ’09. Hope to see you soon!

  4. Marco says:

    Hello fellow Team Access member :)

    Congrats on getting married! As a Vancouverite for most of my life, if you ever want to know what to see/do around Vancouver, let me know :)

    One of the best places on Earth, IMHO :)

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