The UK government replies to Web Accessibility ePetition

News just in, the Prime Minister’s Office has just responded to the e-petition calling for all UK government websites to comply with web accessibility standards.

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3 Responses to The UK government replies to Web Accessibility ePetition

  1. Dan says:

    Meh. Not sure what we should have expected to come from the petition, but I can’t say I’m encouraged or comforted by that response.

  2. Karl Dawson says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t say anything really.

  3. This is something of a issue for me.

    On the one hand, standards are essential, while on the other hand, the current web standards count for nothing while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is effectively crippled and doesn’t work with the current web standards as fully as it should.

    So the government put together legislation that requires compliance, even though the principle web browser doesn’t fully support them.

    Might I be so bold as to suggest that the government apply some pressure on Microsoft?