@media 2007 website launched

The @media conference has a reputation for being one of the world’s foremost events for web designers. With a focus on best practices and the cutting-edge, @media is an educational, content-rich, sociable special event for tuned-in, enthusiastic web professionals.

Now a global phenomenon with dates for San Francisco and Hong Kong as well as good old London this has got to be on everyone’s wish list? What a great line up across the board but look at who’s coming to London! I’m going to have to flex the plastic myself this year I reckon to listen and hopefully meet some more web heroes.

So, who else is going?

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2 Responses to @media 2007 website launched

  1. Dan says:

    I’m signed up. Need a bed for the night? ;-)

  2. Karl Dawson says:

    Well there’s an offer lol.
    Now to find an employer to pay ;)