My CSS Framework revisited

In November 2006 I published details on my CSS framework and even talked about it at Refresh Cambridge. To recap, it was the solution to the problem for only being able to reference one style sheet in an old Content Management System (CMS) in use at work. I added YUI grids to the mix for rapid prototyping and hence I called it a framework. Thinking nothing of it, I called it My CSS Framework. You probably have one too if you find yourself reusing old HTML / CSS snippets. You might have thought nothing of it too and just didn't blog about it.

Since then, CSS frameworks have been in the news a lot. Just last week another was made available in the shape of 960. Since then, my framework has evolved to fit my changing needs. I'm unsure whether there's anything new to publish though. I use Eric Meyer's new reset CSS, my standard typography CSS and then, mindful of grid design principles, create a layout with as little code bloat as possible. I think demonstrating my own solutions to common interface components might be better instead.

A year and a bit on and My CSS Framework is now listed on Wikipedia. Wow. Funnily enough (and the inspiration behind this post) is that it's been picked up in the blogosphere (in several languages) and mutated in name to "My (not really mine) CSS Framework" in an attempt to make clear the framework was not created by the reporting author. I wish I'd called it TSG CSS Framework now ;)

Update: Eric delivered his presentation at an Event Apart San Francisco a few weeks back now and Jeremy Keith blogged it live.

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4 Responses to “My CSS Framework revisited”

  1. Eric Meyer

    If it helps any, in my upcoming talk on CSS frameworks, I referred to yours as the "That Standards Guy" framework, with "TSG" for an abbreviation when needed. Thought I didn't use the exclamation point like they do on WIkipedia. Darn it.

  2. Karl Dawson

    Cool Eric. Wow, Wikipedia and soon-to-be Meyerweb / slides host site thingie perhaps :)

    Hey I just noticed that I don't use the exclamation mark either now. Where's my brand manager? /kicksSelf

  3. Dan Champion

    Excellent, and fully deserved.

    Interesting you should mention 960. I've used it for several sites in the past couple of weeks where I needed a quick and stable layout - really easy to implement and will be using it more.

  4. Max

    Thats interesting Eric I liked the tips here and keep it up the good work.