Meet Accessibility Standards

So, you have created great content, your website looks nice, and now you're ready to see the fruits of your labor spring into action. Actually, you first need to hammer out the technical aspects of your site, before you can even think of garnering any significant web traffic. The good news is that there are many quality accessibility tools available, and many of them are free.

Before we look at some free accessibility tools, you must realize that there are no tools which instantly fix all of the problems or glitches your site experiences. It takes human ingenuity and a willingness to adapt in order to achieve the results that you desire. That said, one incredibly useful and free tool that you should check out is called the Accessibility Valet. It allows you to check your webpages against WCAG guidelines, or Section 508, both of which, are important. Cynthia Says is another tool you can use, and it evaluates each of your webpages one at a time. It quickly identifies errors in your design so that they can be fixed.

You can write all of the best content in the world and it still will not matter to anyone if people have trouble reaching your webpages. New website owners will find that a lot of success occurs through trial and error. This is one of the reasons why people hire SEO professionals to manage their websites for them.