Assessing Brave New World WordPress Theme

WordPress themes allow you to structure the information on your blog in a way that best presents it to your readers. Themes also allow you to customize your blog so that you can add stylistic and interactive elements. One of the themes which deserves some consideration is called Brave New World. This theme was developed by Karl Dawson, and it is billed as being similar to Elliot Jay Starker's theme.

The functions you can find on this theme are quite helpful. You can use custom template tags, navigation menus and plugins. It works with HTML 5, which eliminates much of the hassle associated with other independently created WordPress themes. It runs with the HTML 5 Doctor and HTML 5 Gallery as well. The main drawback to choosing themes such as this one is that you do not have the readily available support that you would otherwise experience by purchasing a theme created by WordPress or another company.

Your choice of WordPress theme is highly dependent on personal preference. However, it should also be chosen with your readers in mind. If you own a blog which features a significant amount of text, then you need to choose a theme which makes that text much more readable. People will leave your website if they have to focus on light or small text. Although you can adjust these issues, it is important to choose the right theme from the beginning stages.