TEECH Moldova – a plea for help

Matt (@Matt40K) and Kelvin (@KelvinSouthgate) reminded me I need to get the word out about Kelvin’s charity work and ask you to spare some coffee money for this great cause:

As many of you are aware I have been given a fantastic opportunity in August to visit Moldova to carry out some Voluntary work.
what will I be up to?
On August 13th 2011 around 50 volunteers will be boarding a coach bound for Moldova, after a 4 day journey we will arrive at a school in a small village called Trebujeni. The school, which also serves as a community centre for the village and surrounding area, has no internal toilets and only limited washing facilities. The kitchen is in a poor state of repair, the plumbing is antiquated and the wiring dangerous.
We plan to

  • Convert two existing rooms into toilets with wash basins and shower facilities.
  • Extension of existing cold water supply from kitchen to toilet area.
  • Provision of hot water supply to basins and showers. This will require the installation of hot water cylinders with immersion heaters since the electric supply would not be adequate to feed separate shower heaters.
  • Installation of foul drainage system with inspection chambers, septic tank and land drains.
  • Strip out kitchen, rewire as necessary and replace dangerous cookers – TEECH propose for this work to be outsourced to a local tradesman and to ensure work is complete prior to the start of the project
  • Provide new floor covering, wall tiling and decorations.
  • Replace dining room sinks.
  • Redecorate dining room.
  • Convert spare room into TEECH COMMUNITY ROOM. Redecorate and provide new furnishings and furniture.
  • IT Room equipped with PCs and office furniture

So why am I sending this email?

In order to make this possible my former Employer has agreed to pay the cost of the trip (travel, food) for myself and 9 colleagues, in returned we have agreed to raise an addition £5000.

So What can you do?

Please visit our Just Giving Donation Page (http://www.justgiving.com/CSDMoldova) and Please donate whatever you can. If you are a UK tax player dont forget to gift aid.

If you wish to find out more about the charity please visit http://www.teech.org/

Thank you for your support

Kind Regards


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