Web Standards Group London: Microformats

Last night I was in London to attend the Web Standards Group meeting on Microformats at Westminster University. Mark Norman Francis, Jeremy Keith and Drew McLellan each took turns to describe the past, present and future of microformats, the Semantic Web (capital S, capital W) and the semantic web (lowercase S, lowercase w). I'll update this post with links to the podcast when it Becomes Available (capital B, capital A). Just listen to it to get the "in" joke. Mike Davies has already blogged about the detail of the event so stop by his corner of the interweb to learn what you missed out on.

Jeremy set us all some homework (now implemented!) so your Tails extension should be lit up now but I will just say that I have been working for a long time on a revamp of this website and you can expect a ton more microformats around here once TSG version 2 is released.

My thanks to Norm, Jeremy and Drew for an excellent talk, Stuart Colville for organising the whole thing, Christian Heilmann for having us in stitches over Speedos, Rednecks and German/Polish relationships, the crazy chick outside the pub at closing time and Jim O'Donnell for putting me up for the night.

Jeremy's blog entry (and link to PDF of slides).

Update 23 Sept 2006:
Drew's slides.
Podcast feed.

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3 Responses to “Web Standards Group London: Microformats”

  1. Neil Crosby

    -Langridge +Colville ;)

    And I missed a crazy chick by leaving the pub early? Damn!

  2. Karl Dawson

    *whistles innocently*
    nothing to see here... move along. Move along...

  3. Jim

    The crazy chick story - just for Neil.